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Tansu Gothic

Tansu Gothic Copyright 2014 by Randi Parkhurst. All rights reserved.

15″W x 25″T x 6″D Made with mat board, all papers painted with acrylic by the artist, PVA adhesive, over 300 handmade pieces of hardware, over 800 metal brads, ribbon, linen thread, beads, wire, book cloth, matte medium, gesso, acrylic, pigment, bamboo skewers. This piece features 6 boxes with pyramid lids and spires, 11 drawers, 2 compartments with piano-hinge doors. Inside these spaces are books about tansu cabinetry, a tiny abacus, stories and other tansu artifacts. It took 3 months to draw the idea, 1 month to make a full-scale model and 8 months to build the final piece.