About The Artist

Detail of "Peep Show", c. 2010 by Randi Parkhurst
Detail of “Peep Show”, c. 2010 by Randi Parkhurst
Framed eco print.
Copyright 2022.
All rights reserved
Handmade boxes covered with eco printed paper and lined with hand painted paper. C. 2022 All rights reserved.

Randi Parkhurst is a book artist and arts instructor, living and working from her home/studio in Olympia, Washington. She was born in Seattle and has always lived in western Washington.

Randi’s latest creative passion is eco-printed papers. Combining plants, paper, pressure and high heat, plant images and natural hues are transferred to the paper with near-photographic results. She uses these papers as material for covering boxes and book covers. The prettiest pieces are framed.


She creates interactive book art that flips, swings, rolls and snaps together, providing a unique view of this versatile medium.
All of Randi’s pieces are made with her hand painted papers. Natural elements, such as leaves and flowers, stones and sticks, and rich, deep colors permeate her work, reflecting the beauty of her Pacific Northwest home.

Randi has taught art workshops at the Penland School of Crafts, Arrowmont School of Art & Craft, Morgan Paper Conservatory, Pacific Northwest Art School, Focus on Book Arts Conference, Letters of Joy Calligraphy Conference and more.

To contact Randi: here