About The Artist

Detail of "Peep Show", c. 2010 by Randi Parkhurst
Detail of “Peep Show”, c. 2010 by Randi Parkhurst
Framed botanical print on paper.
Copyright 2022.
All rights reserved
Handmade boxes covered with botanical printed paper and lined with hand painted paper. C. 2022 All rights reserved.

Randi is a paper, book and box artist living in the forest on the Olympic Peninsula in Western Washington. Her work reflects the colors, textures and natural beauty of the Pacific NW. 

She paints, prints and dyes all of her papers that become the artwork she makes. Her interactive books, boxes and paper toys flip, roll and snap. Her piece, Tansu Gothic is a red castle complete with tall spires, working drawers and doors, over 300 pieces of hardware and a miniature surprise hidden inside, telling the tale of a fire in Japan in 1657. Like all of her work, it is made with her own hand painted, printed and dyed papers. Another piece, Patience, is a puzzle piece with over 30 books hidden inside boxes, using the Fibonacci spiral as its inspiration. 

Her work is featured in 1000 Artists’ Books, 500 Handmade Books Vol. 2, American Craft Council Magazine, This Is Colossal Online Magazine and Artists and Makers Magazine.

She teaches book arts, box making, paper surface techniques and botanical printing. Randi has taught at Penland (NC), Arrowmont (TN), Morgan Paper Conservatory (OH), San Francisco Center For The Book, Pacific NW Art School, FOBA and Newport Paper and Book Arts Festival. 

To contact Randi: here